We are an educational consulting company focusing on Legacy Planning!

What is Legacy Planning?

Legacy Planning involves much more than just the management of your assets.
It's about the spiritual and historical aspects of your life, and how you want to be remembered
when you no longer are able to share your life with others due to serious illness or death.

Protect Your Legacy

After decades of living and working, we leave behind a lifetime of belongings. Documents, accounts, investments and possessions. And those truly precious things: children, dependents, pets and keepsakes. To ensure that everything ends up in the right hands, the time to plan and preserve is now.

We make it easy to keep track of everything. More than estate planning and covering things not contained in a will, we will show you how to comb through every detail of your personal and professional life to ensure that everything is accounted for.

Our Mission

To educate others on the importance of Legacy Planning by starting the conversations on topics such as moving, downsizing, disability and death.

Make Life Easier for Your Loved Ones

We hear the stories every day - from the frustrating to the disappointing to the truly heartbreaking.

  • A life insurance policy is cancelled because the family never knew it existed.
  • Online accounts can’t be accessed because no one else knows the passwords.
  • Far-away relatives or special friends never get word of a death until after the funeral.
  • Valuable keepsakes are tossed in the trash.
  • A beloved pet ends up at the pound because no one was named to take care of her.

These scenarios can all be avoided, but only with careful and comprehensive planning. Our unique product, the Lifetime Legacy Planner, provides a means to organize your personal information so you and/or your loved ones can find documents quickly and easily when the need arises.

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Because sooner or later, we all run out of time ...