We are an educational consulting company focusing on Legacy Planning!

We believe in the power of education when it comes to Legacy Planning which encompasses everything from downsizing and moving to caring for a loved one and planning a funeral.

Oftentimes, knowing who to ask or where to start can be overwhelming. We have found the sharing of true life stories is one of the best ways to encourage others to start thinking about planning their legacy. Our educational opportunities include speaking engagements, workshops and consulting. Contact us to see how we can help or to schedule a speaking engagement!

Speaking Engagements

After years of accumulation, there comes a time in every person’s life when they need to decide what to do with all their possessions. This is an entertaining and interactive discussion on why your kids may not want or appreciate your stuff.

Don’t know where to begin? We have identified several methods to get you started along with a list of preferred resources for donating, selling and recycling.

Neglecting to plan and provide basic personal information can create stress, confusion, family conflict, and unnecessary expenses. This topic addresses why starting those conversations with your family or friends about your wishes is critical.

Estate Planning includes wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and the disposition of your assets. Legacy planning includes the spiritual and historical aspects of your life, the relationships you built, and the values you believed and lived by. Hear both the humorous and the heartfelt stories of others who have started their legacy journey.

Over the next 20 years, the 65+ population is expected to grow from 48 million to 79 million. But for many, their homes will be physically unsuitable and financially precarious. Questions to consider when trying to decide whether to move or remodel will be addressed.

What is the cost of aging and how do you pay for it? As our population continues to age, more people are outliving their assets which creates a financial burden on family and friends. Will you have to sale your home, business, or cherished heirlooms to pay for your care?

You’re planning that much needed vacation, but know you can’t take your pets with you. This topic covers the pertinent information needed for someone else to care for your pets while you’re gone.


Most people acquire things over a lifetime, but when it comes time to move into a smaller home or relocate to a warmer climate, the task of deciding what to keep and what to toss can be overwhelming. In this class we will discuss how to start the downsizing process: what to keep, donate, sell or throw away. You will be surprised to learn about the top 10 things your kids won’t want. ‘Downsizing’ guide included.

For months you’ve been counting down the days to your vacation. Your company requires you to travel one week each month. You’ve fallen and now require 6 months of physical therapy at a doctor recommended community. In this class we discuss and document pertinent information about your pets, and the various options available for someone else to step in and care for them. Knowing your pets are well cared for in your absence is the objective of this class. 'Pet' guide included.


Our goal is to provide expert advice and tools for documenting your legacy. To help you find the resources to navigate the challenges of moving, downsizing, disability and death, we have partnered with other professionals including attorneys, financial advisors, realtors and movers. 

Because sooner or later, we all run out of time ...